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Japanese Sea Bass (Fish and Fillet)

Things you should know about Japanese Sea Bass

The Japanese seabass (Lateolabrax  japonicus) is native to the western Pacific Ocean from Japan to the South China Sea. They can grow upto 102 cm (40 in).  Its tail is slightly forked and the mouth is large with the lower jaw projecting beyond the upper. Young fish have small black spots on the back and dorsal fin. These spots tend to disappear in larger fish. 

Japanese seabass have shiny white and tender flesh with an easily recognizable, broad-flaked structure and a mild flavor. The Japanese people have associated the Japanese Sea Bass with advancement in life and good fortune. 

Japanese Sea Bass is also named as Japanese Sea Perch. It is great for pan fry or bake. It is also called Suzuki when used raw in making sashimi.

Japanese Sea Bass Packer Plant

Aquaculture & Processing


Our Japanese Sea Bass is farm raised in southern China, then processed and packed in our HACCP and BAP/ASC certified plants. 

We can process the fish into whole round, gutted and scaled, or fillet them into different styles. We can ship them in either shelf ready retail bags or bulk pack boxes for food service. 

Yes! We can private label them in your own brand!

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Our logistic team can ship and deliver our Japanese sea bass around the globe. We can do both FCL and LCL shipments to any ports or even to your warehouse door according to your delivery schedule. 

Order from us and track your orders today!

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